Narrative Essay About Falling In Love

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I love God, don’t get me wrong but I want a man. Like I desire one right now. I never try to get into a state where I feel absolutely lonely because when that happens, that usually places me into the mindset that I need to get dressed and go out to whatever club that meets my satisfaction just so that I can get some attention from a man. And usually those men are only interested in empty conversations of the how are you doings, knowing that in reality they could actually careless because the only thing that they are truly concerned about is getting in your bed that night or theirs, whichever one would be more comfortable for me. And honestly my comfort would never stoop to that level but I have to admit the attention was great and…show more content…
I have a long history of falling in love with the wrong type of guy and even being engaged twice to undeserving men who by the grace of God was able to open my eyes to completely before I committed myself to a lifelong decision that would only end in divorce, pain and anger. I’m almost thirty years old and every time I take a look at my empty left hand that should have a nice sparkly accessory, sometimes I just want to cry. I go back to my plan notebook that I created as a teenager and I gaze at the magazine cutouts of what my life should be and wonder why certain things haven’t happened. My daddy always says to be patient and that God is preparing him for me. He reminds me that he rather me be single and him still responsible for me then handing me over to a man who doesn’t completely value who I am as a woman. And why can’t I be valued? Every time I look at one of my social media accounts I’m seeing some women getting married before me who definitely in my mind should have happened after me. Women who show their bodies without a care in the world and some who have slept with half of the eastside of Columbus but they have a ring. They have a nice ring with a great wedding and kids already, whether those kids belong to their current husband or
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