Narrative Essay About Caveman Day

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When I was ten years old I was finally a sixth grader, so I got to be one of the big kids at my elementary school. At my school, the sixth graders had the most fun activities such as: Caveman Day, Greek Day, Egyptian Day, Pi Day, Flag Football, and Wiffleball. I was chosen to be a leader for Caveman Day, where all the sixth graders dressed up like caveman and competed in various activities that were inspired by caveman and their era. Unfortunately my Caveman Day group was not very successful, but my Greek Day group excelled at every competition. When I was ten I also started playing basketball on the team for the first time. I had a great time playing basketball in the sixth grade because our team was really good, and we all became very close…show more content…
I really enjoyed most parts of sophomore year, because I continued to make more friends and memories. When I was fourteen my friend Willow and I visited San Diego for a week. That was one of my favorite road trips, because we were never bored and we always made fun of my brothers driving. My favorite memory from San Diego is when we went to the Wild Animal Park, because we were able to go into the exhibit with my favorite animals, the Ring Tailed Lemur. It was such a unique experience, because the lemurs were literally six inches away from my…show more content…
The beginning of my junior year I’ve had to make a slight adjustment to my daily life. My brother left for the University of Arizona in August, and ever since then I have been treated like an only child. I enjoy being treated like an only child because my parents listen to me better, but I miss having someone to do things with me. When I was fifteen I went on an extremely long road trip to visit Nick’s new school. My family decided to drive all the way to Tucson, Arizona in one day, so it took about 16 hours before we reached our destination. The annoying part about this trip was how hot the car would get, and how annoying my family is after traveling for more than two hours. We did have fun though on the way back, when we stopped in Palm Desert. My family and I appreciated Palm Desert because we stayed at a nice resort where we played ping pong and swam for
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