My Writing

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My Writing

In the past four years, I have written many papers for various classes, enjoying some and others having to choke out words to write down. In this memo I will describe my writing projects and how they made me become a better writer, and how they will continue to help develop me into a becoming a more prosperous writer.

What I Really Learned in English 100

Well as a recent pupil of the Great McFadden I want to do all that I can to be on his good side, for he said that if I go one mile to meet him, he will go two miles to meet me, which seems more that fair. As an assignment I am told that I have to write what I learned in English 100 and how that it prepared me for English 200. Well since honesty is the best way of life, in my opinion, then I will be honest about what I learned in English 100. I didn’t learn very much at all in English 100, the teacher I had didn’t teach very well, and because of that, we all were on msn the whole time as he read from a book. Like most English classes we turned in our ruff drafts and they were returned to us with things we had to fix in order to receive a better grade. I also learned how to write a research paper that amounted to twelve pages, and many hours of hard dedicated work.

Learning is an on going process, and a process of which one can never really stop learning. I would have to say I have an eagerness to learn. I usually learn fast and remember what it is that I was taught. I think it is very important in today’s society that a person should learn all that they can about how things work and how things are done for their own personal behalf. Having said that, I would also like to say that I like to learn what I am interested in, learning comes more natu...

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...opinion on my paper would be a great help to me in making my paper better.

I Like to Write About What Interests Me

I am the type of writer who loves to write, but only really likes to write about stuff that interests me. I could write you a good story and my thoughts on running cause that is what I do, and it could be really good. Again you could ask me to write something on let’s say Global Warning and it could be so bad of a paper that nobody would want to read. I have not really written anything outside of my English classes before cause I am not interested in writing for myself. I do not think I am a bad write but I know that I am not a great writer. I love writing journals, and fun short stories. I just hope that taking these English courses will help me improve my writing skills, and to become more aware of what time of paper I am writing.
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