My Views on Animal Rights

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During this course many of the topics discussed I found interesting. Of the many, the topic that I found most interesting is about animal rights. I want to further express my view on this topic. I believe animals do not have rights and people only give animals rights because people believe animals have souls. I have come to this conclusion due to further reading and personal experience.
Animals do not have rights because animals do not have voices. If animals had voices they would be considered human beings, which of course, they are not. Animals are actually sub-creatures of the world. My stance on this is derived from the fact that animals are treated just as such of what they are; animals. Animals are designed to accommodate human beings for different purposes. Sometimes animals are there to supplement companionship. In the case of the widow or widower, single person living alone, or the lonely but only child without any siblings, are when animals help ease feelings of abandonment. Animals are also used to entertain us. When children attend a circus affair or a day's visit at the zoo the animals are there for entertainment purposes only.
In part nine, section six, of John Cottingham’s Western Philosophy Second Edition, he writes about Immanuel Kant’s view on animals rights. In this section he explains that Kant argues that we, as humans, have duties to animals. Kant believes that our duties to animals are indirect but animals are ‘analogues’ of human beings and our relationship with animals provides an example of how we would interact with another human being. He continues to explain that since animals have no sense of judgment that we as humans have to act on their behalf. Kant refers to Alexander Baumgarten, another philosoph...

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... the only animals that enjoy hunting as a sport like humans. Cats will hunt even when they are not hungry and find their prey to be toys. This applies to big wild cats as well. The male lion will kill lion cubs if they belong to their falling foe of a pride he is trying to rule. How could we sympathize with an animal like that?
Animals are not our friends. We know that animals are not equal to the superior human. Animals are viscous and will survive by any means necessary even if that means attacking the human. Pain is not a factor for them therefore it does not bring more pain into the world and animals are not entitled to moral rights. Eating animals is natural normal and necessary for the human survival. It is the humans’ decision to use animals for their own amusement and entertainment but it all comes down to the fact that animals are here to serve the humans.

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