My School Activity: Chalk the Block

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A few months ago I participated in a school activity called “Chalk the Block,” where somewhat artistically talented students create a chalk painting on a concrete tile. I paired up with two girls I did not know very well and designed a piece which portrayed my imagination and expressed my emotions in colorful patterns of surrealistic paraphernalia. That morning I walked into the art classroom to gather all the materials I needed. I arrived early that morning so I could secure the best arrangements of materials. I had already polished the blocks and washed my brushes when the room started to fill up with students who were rushing to get whatever tools they could scavenge. I wondered how they could expect to gather all the materials they would necessitate when they had not been responsible enough to arrive in a timely fashion; then I realized there was still no sign of either of my partners. I walked down the stairs calmly, settled my supplies on my tile, grabbed a spatula, and started scraping the dark spots of gum, which had been accumulated from years of students’ ignorance to t...
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