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Many people, including both children and adults, have mental illnesses that may result in necessary therapy or treatment. One type of therapy used on these patients is art therapy. Art therapy is the mix between the methods of psychotherapy along with creative outlets, such as creating art. It is an attempt to heal the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the patient. Art therapy uses art media and includes “special techniques [which] are often particularly useful in helping people express their feelings, develop social skills, solve problems, reduce anxiety, or resolve emotional conflicts” (Cosentino ). The creative process is also used to explore the client’s feelings which includes managing behaviors and addictions, developing social…show more content…
While doing so, many have posted their findings and studies. Many benefits and results have been discovered in accordance with the art therapy programs. Ruth R. Luginbuehl–Oelhafen, a pediatric art therapist, has proven that art therapy allows the patients to develop a trusting relationship with the therapist (Luginbuehl-Oelhafen 178). This relationship allows the therapist to really interpret their art which in turn can help and give them information and results to talk through with the patient. Art therapy not only allows adolescents to express themselves creatively, it also demonstrates the client’s defensive mechanisms, which will then show the therapist how to investigate the issue and how to help approach and understand the patient (Linesch). This is very important in terms of recovery. It is demostrated that, “making art appeared to enhance a positive attitude in patients and to give them feelings of power, control and freedom” (Luginbuehl-Oelhafen 178). From a professional artist perspective who also has a degree in childhood education, Rebecca Conner agrees that creating art is therapeutic. She describes her experience in art by stating, “When I’m in art I forget everything else, it is all about the creative process.” Working with youth and students, she has experienced and seen the effects of art’s therapeutic influences. She has seen how “art helps relax and calm their minds” in the midst of chaos. Ms. Rebecca Conner has worked with children for the majority of her life and in different countries and states. One thing has remained constant though, she has never had a student that complained about working with art or that has not been positively affected by working with art. (Conner). Positive results from art therapists are not hard to find. Art therapy helps children verbalize and show creative expressionism which

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