Reflective Essay On Art Therapy

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This course has highlighted many attributes and challenges within psychology and its many subfields. Within the weekly research of the psychological subfields I was able to learn the impact of education and its effect on the psychological profession. Along with the applied aspect of psychology listening to the online resource psychfiles, I have uncovered information that has solidified my goal of becoming an art therapist Masters degree. My focus will always be to provide mental health assistance to veterans as that is where my satisfaction and reward will fill in for the low entry-level salary. There are many aspects of managing healthcare academia research and corporate opportunity in psychology. The purpose of this paper is to display the …show more content…

There is a correlation between aesthetics and cognitive function, mood, attitude and emotions. The way in which we are affected by seeing art, touching scultures, dancing or listening to music has a profound affect on almost all human beings. Art therapy can help to mend thought process emotions and understanding of ourself, others as well as our environment. “The current gap in our understanding of creativity in screenplay writing by focusing on the cognitive, conative, affective, and environmental factors that come into play at different stages in the creative process” (Bourgeois-Bougrine et al., 2014 …show more content…

Individuals must be certified to practice art therapy by the Art Therapy Credential Board, Inc. (ATCB). The Art Therapy Credentials Board Examination (ATCBE) is a national exam taken for Board Certification and in some cases required for state licensure. The computer-based test is offered four to five times a year (Art therapy Credentials Board, 2014) within testing windows dates in 170 testing sites across America. The written paper-pencil test is given once a year at national

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