My Mother's Life: The Stage Of Motherhood

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Throughout life, we as women face many challenges as well as achievements. As women one of our top changing life situations, where we face various obstacles and experience most of our best joyful moments is motherhood. The stage of motherhood helps us become aware of our capability of being strong, independent, and responsible beings. It also helps see the best of us, our kindness and the quantity and quality of our love, it helps us grow and become a better person. Having experienced the stage of pregnancy four times in her life, my mother offered me an accurate description of what she went through during her pregnancy phase of her second baby daughter (me). My mother states that she felt both, prepare and unprepared about becoming a mother for the second time in her life. She felt more prepared to take all the criticism and face the obstacles, however, deep down, she knew that she was going…show more content…
She was 100% sure that she had to continue to work for many reasons, but mostly for two main ones which were: to support her children, and because she loved her job, she was proud of how her struggles and immense effort had paid off. She didn’t feel bad about her decision because she knew that that was the best decision for not only her but her babies as well. She would, of course, feel concern about her kids’ state but she knew they were in good hands, especially during my first two years where my grandparents and aunts took care of me. My mother didn’t struggle about fighting up against traditional images or femininity because whether she wanted or not she knew that people were always going to critique her about her decision of being a single working mother during her first two years of official motherhood. On the contrary, most of her friends and neighbors admired her for being a strong independent woman who was working as a neonatal nurse and at the same time supporting her
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