My Mother

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What can one say about their mother? One may talk about her positive and negative characteristics. There are so many great traits I love and admire about my mom, that it would be difficult and unfair to write about just one. Being strong, generous and optimistic are all some great personality traits, which my mother possesses. Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a strong individual. She raised my brother and I financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by herself. My mom gave her all, by that I mean, she worked two jobs to make sure her children ate properly and that they had the essential amenities to grow happily and successfully. Another way she supported us was with love and care. My mom never goes a day without saying, "I love you", or smothering my brother and I to death with her warm hugs. Another form of support, is how she always has been physically active in my life. My mother has always made it her top priority to participate in her children's school programs and activities. Never missing a recital, play, graduation ce...

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