Personal Narrative Essay: The Characteristics Of My Mother

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God says to honor your mother, but sometimes I question that wisdom. I mean God has some good thoughts and did some really great things, but that doesn’t mean he is all knowing. Mom is great, I love her so much, but once in awhile she just does things that cause me to rip out my hair in disbelief. She has really great qualities from her bravery and intelligence to how loving she is. However, she has some not-so-great qualities, like her anxiety and lack of common sense to how obsessed she can be about things. One quality of my mom is how she can be both brave yet anxious. When she had cancer in 2012 most of my family panicked because we knew that if we lost her we would always be broken. However, Mom held us together like she always does and we somehow made it through the year with only a few breakdowns and crying. She is also…show more content…
Ever heard of book smart and street smart? Mom is mainly book smart. She is a teacher so of course she knows everything from English to random trivia. For Christmas she bought this game called Historical Figures and said it would be a lot of fun for the “family.” Yeah, right. I love history, but Mom just destroyed Sean, Carson and I. I’m starting to think she bought it for a ego boost. That 's why I will never play Scrabble against her, I am not a masochistic. Sometimes though she just does things that prove she doesn’t have any common sense. Carson, Mom, and I went to New Year’s Eve mass, but not at our usual parish. Mom had foot surgery on December 23 so naturally she wanted to drive. So we had to put this stupid scooter plus her crutches into the tiny trunk of the little Pirus. Needless to say the process involved swearing, frustration and crying from all parties. However, we eventually made it to mass and then managed to stay awake for the homily. At the end we struggled into the car and as we are about to leave someone decides to knock on the

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