My Main Strength Is Life Purpose And Service

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I think my main strength is Life Purpose and Service. I am fulfilling my reason for being here by continuing my education at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and in having chosen my major, Clinical Lab Science. Part of the reason I chose this major is because I enjoy helping people and am passionate about the field. I love helping people in any way I can, I have volunteered for many organizations such as City on a Hill, a volunteer organization where underprivileged people can go to receive food, and health care (physicians, eye doctors, podiatrists, etc). I also volunteer with youth groups in church (Music and Drama camp and Vacation Bible School). I find a significant purpose and fulfillment out of helping others. The next strength I have is Financial Health. I have rent, electric, and internet bills to pay so I make sure they are payed on time every month. It is important to me that pills are payed on time so that there are no late fees. I also choose to spend my money wisely. Also I set aside money to save for emergencies, paying off student loans, and future expense...
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