Interpersonal Skills: Important Skills Of A Team Player

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Transferable skills are the skills that a person acquires and transfers to future employment settings.

My strongest skills are interpersonal skills which include many skills such as relating well with others, assisting others, resolving conflicts, being a team player. I always get on well with everyone I meet because I am easy-going and sociable. I never want to involve in a tussle with anyone and I treat people with respect. I like to make new friends and people also want to make friend with me. I also have a good sense of humor so people really like to talk to me because I can make them laugh a lot. I am always willing to give people a hand whenever they need me. Helping others has always been one of my hobbies. Every time I do something
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When people ask me to help them, I am very enthusiastic and give my best to finish the task for them. That’s one of the reason that people always want to make friend with me if they know me. In addition, I am good at resolving conflict because I can understand the situation well and I can use the right reasons to explain to people involved in the conflict to know who is right and who wrong and what the solution is. Therefore, many people have come to me to help them solve conflicts they have with other people. And I have never failed to help them do it. Besides, I am a good team player. I am able to communicate well with other team members and I often contribute smart ideas when my team look for a solution to some problems or try to do some tasks given. Team working is one of my strong points. I am also a good listener. I always appreciate other people’s ideas. By carefully listening to them, I can learn new things and can also…show more content…
It has been proven to be one of the most effective management initiatives because it can combine the knowledge, ideas, feelings, feedback from many parties together, especially between an organization and its customers. If this strategy is utilized successfully, it can bring many benefits to businesses. One of the benefits is the development of innovative products. For hospitality industry, two of the main ways to use this strategy is by customer surveying and talking with related parties such as customers, suppliers, business
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