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The creative class is an emerging socioeconomic class in the United States. Richard Florida, a well-decorated Professor, defined this new class of Americans. Richard Florida focused on social and economic theories, which has developed a popular reputation in many cities today where the creative class has been adopted. This new class of Americans emerged after Richard Florida debuted his book The Rise of the Creative Class: And How it’s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life in 2002. After 2002 postindustrial cities began to move to more economic development.
The Creative Class is divided into two major groups. The first being the “Super-Creative Core” and “Creative Professionals.” The first group or Super-Creative Core is made up of 12% of the all jobs in the United States. Florida deems members of this group people who are fully engaged in the creative process. These people would be deemed innovators and creators of products and consumer goods. They are engineers, scientist, educators, researchers, artists and more. The second group is creative professionals who are the thinkers of America bringing talents in health care, business, finance, law, and much more. Their job is to solve detailed problems with a degree of higher education (Florida, 2002). These creative professionals are people in the healthcare business and finance industries. People within this group and interested in drawing on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
The Creative Class is said to be able to aide failing cities. In the article The Ruse of the Creative Class, author Alec MacGillis states, “Florida has been arguing that the recession has so decimated many cities and regions that it's time for the country ...

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... 40% of the current population (Florida). This in addition to the success found in the Silicon Valley, Boulder, and Austin show that the socioeconomic group, the Creative Class, is not just a short-term group. In fact Florida and other experts believe that the Creative Class is the wave of the future and will continue to group and inspire young leaders. The need to include all races, incomes, and sexual preferences will make this inclusive socioeconomic group the most powerful group in America. This is because if people participate in the socioeconomic group they will benefit if the don’t they will still reap the benefits of these creative individuals who are pushing for change and success. The Creative Class is producing great leaders; great leaders will be able to pick up people and cities that have fallen, in turn promoting economic development and success.

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