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855 words

Daydreaming is a part of almost all of people’s lives at some point. Daydreaming can take place anywhere, from the home, school, work, or even when you just happen to be taking a walk. Daydreaming is something that is an immense part of my life. I function much better when I daydream momentarily. Much of the older generation may say that daydreaming isn’t productive, or that it doesn’t get you anywhere, but I believe that daydreaming allows me to be more creative and successful. After all of my classes I usually spend the entire time driving home thinking about all of my assignments that need to be done. Thinking about all of these things stresses me out quite a bit, and by the time I get home, I can’t decide which assignment I want to do first. Usually at this point I go up to my room, lay on my bed, and spend the next ten minutes relaxing, and letting my mind wander. After I do this I can immediately decide on what I want to do first, and work more efficiently. For example, when I made it home last Thursday I was thinking about whether I wanted to do writing, biology, or my water planet course homework first. I spent ten minutes trying to decide, …show more content…

These “spells” are especially troubling when I’m in the middle of a class. When this happens, I usually let my mind wander and think about something that makes me content, this usually always gets rid of the dizziness and slows my heart rate down. After a few minutes my brain is able to concentrate and it’s like nothing ever happened. For example while I was in chemistry I became very dizzy while I was taking notes, and felt like I may pass out again. I immediately let my mind daydream to get my mind off of the fact that I was dizzy, and in a few moments the dizziness was

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that daydreaming is a part of almost everyone's lives at some point. they believe it allows them to be creative and successful.
  • Explains that after all of their classes, they spend the entire time driving home thinking about assignments that need to be done. they spend ten minutes relaxing and letting their mind wander.
  • Opines that starting a homework assignment instead of thinking about which one to do first would be more productive and faster, but they find this to be untrue to themselves.
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