My Homework on Rome and Alexander the Great

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Introduction For this third time period in the APWH portfolio, I plan to attack my tasks with the self-awareness that I must not procrastinate. Man, did I learn my lesson from the last set of 19 tasks: don’t put aside for the last 2 days. That is the greatest mindset I have right now about these new 9 tasks: DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE. I will use my spare time more and organize more effectively with calendars, reminders, etc. If I can bounce back from the horrific experience of the last set of tasks, I’ll give myself a Time Management Rebound Award! The time 600-1450 CE is a time of local (trans/regional) interactions, and the focal point of this time period was trade, as was religion in the previous time period. I look forward to learning more about how trade impacted the world, and how merchants, technology, and economy grew because of trade and increasing awareness of surrounding empires and regions. Looking ahead, I notice that the two of the most brutal empires in history are in this time period: the Mongols and the Aztecs. Empires that take control of vast lands by military dominance interest me very much, reason to my fondness of the empires of Rome and Alexander the Great. As it will probably forever be, I think I will find the procrastination factor of large assignments like these to be most challenging. In fact, I might struggle with it even more than the last two set of tasks because of the number this time. 9 tasks could be very delusional when it comes to being motivated to actually complete them, and I might be fooled into thinking, “Oh, I can just start this the weekend before it’s due.” I need to be persistent and counter my Evil Conscience by saying, “Why don’t I get a head start and do these in my spare time?” Task... ... middle of paper ... ...d critical role in supporting a growing population  Added corn, fruits, vegetables to Tenochtitlan marketplaces Waru waru  Averted and lessened the effect of erosion on land’s soil Terracing  Crops could be sowed unto hillsides  Also lessened the effect of erosion on soil  Like all of these technologies, it allowed for greater food for urban population Horse collar  Facilitated the horse in carrying heavy objects  Their necks and shoulders hurt less when lifting + pulling Task 8 RELIGION GENDER FAMILY BUDDHISM  Anyone, no matter what gender or place in hierarchy, could practice Buddhism and reach Nirvana  Vows, monks CHRISTIANITY  Men superior to women  Few marital fights ISLAM  Because of religious reasons, veils were used by women  People were treated with fairness  Polygamy NEO CONFUCIANISM  Men superior to women  Family foundation of society

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