My Hands Are Full Between School and Work

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Are you a full time student and also working a part time job? Do you ever feel like you have your hands full and you don’t have a break? Well that’s exactly what I’m going through right now as a freshman in college. I am a full time student and I have a part time job. I work at least twenty five hours a week. At times I have my hands full with work and homework. With this busy schedule, I have realized it affects me in many ways such as not getting enough sleep, not being able to focus in class, and not getting my homework done in the time I should get it done. The first effect is that I’m too tired and sometimes sleepy to be able to focus in class. For example when I work for eight hours on a Sunday and I stay up to finish my assignments I realized that I did not get much sleep. I perhaps got approximately four hours. The next morning, on Monday, I had my 8 o’clock class in which I barely made it to class on time. While the professor was lecturing and I was taking notes the next thing I knew my professor was waking me up to inform me that class had finished. I was so embarrassed be...

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