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In our lives, we all have that one person that we do not know much about and they are involved in our life and influencing it. That person who is a role model and always wanted to know more about them and what kind of stories behind them that made them that strong, or have the personality that they have now. Many time we start asking people about their lives and how they lived it, sometime asking what they been through in their life. How was there childhood like, in what environment they lived in. That person to me is my grandmother. She is such a strong person and have a really strong personality. She went through many things in her life that will make a montane bow from all the things that went through her life and still stayed strong and always cheerful and respecting and helping others as well. The main question to me was always how we ended up in the United States and who we are here. I always wanted to ask that question to my grandmother. But I never got an answer from her. I always wonder why did we move from our original country and went to other places; and why we don’t go back. I know that my grandmother hated to live in the United States and never liked staying here for more than three months. I also know that she hates leaving her country for any reason but she had to leave because of my grandfather. Back then in my culture most woman follow there husband even if they did not agree with what they are doing. Around the time my grandmother was in Palestine. There was the zhinest war and the fight started. They got many people killed and got kicked form their homes. The country was getting divided and many females where raped and got killed by the soldiers also they were taking the males and arresting them just f... ... middle of paper ... her not in the face features but with the acts and the way, I think and handle situation. my grandmother herself use to tell me “ dear you are like me and you remind me with myself when I was your age, i know life is hard but never let anyone put you done, always remain strong and be by your words, never change them if you believe in them.” May her Soule rest in peace. At the end, in our lifetime, we meet many people and we talk to many others. However, it takes a very strong person and special person to influence our lives. I may not know many things about my grandmother but no doughty I will always follow whatever she tried to teach me when she was alive and after she died. It is hard to try to find out many things about a person who passed away. Moreover, it is even more difficult when no one that where around that person wants to talk about them either.

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