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How did the country move on after so much death and suffering? I don’t believe after such horrid events causing so much death you can truly move on however, as a country efforts to date have and are being made to locate and bury those who were lost in the Civil war. This definitely I’m sure brought, much closure to the families who are missing pieces of their history, pieces who they are and the family they come from. Memorial Day was founded around the Civil War and each year we remember those who paid the ultimate price to sacrifice their lives for a fight for freedom and equality. It’s very saddening to look back on history and see how many lives were lost in a war that began for something that one would think would be easy as human beings…show more content…
Losing someone you love or care deeply about is very painful. And although the grieving period is tough and sometime lengthy it can be easier if all the facts are known. Being able to bury a loved one only is the beginning of a long agonizing period but there is some comfort in seeing your loved one for the last time and celebrating their life while sending them off in a way that honors them and what they mean to you. A memorial that you can go visit and for some a place to still be able to talk to that loved one. Families need closure and to find closure you need to see the body to know for sure it was in fact your family member. Otherwise left with questions as to who, what, when, where, how. Not knowing these things can really make people hold on to those thoughts. Did he or she go peacefully? Was he or she calling out for anyone? Was there a lot of pain? Although many times these questions aren’t easily answered but there is peace in knowing certain things when you lose someone that you hold dearly in your heart. Some may hold on to the thought that since there is no body maybe, just maybe my loved one is still alive and coming home. These types of holes that lack filling can cause depression, stress, and a never ending grieving period. So there is no telling how I would go through or get through it rather not knowing that what happened and where my…show more content…
In the past there was no returning of bodies to their families, not all families where notified of the deaths of their family members who died in combat, and bodies were buried in un-named graves far from their homes. Today we definitely do deal with our war dead with more dignity than before, now they are not left in a hole to be forgotten, or far from home. Efforts are now taken to locate the bodies, identify, and notify the deceased man or woman’s family. There was a time when the war dead where flown on commercially and carried from the plan as if being someone’s luggage. Now caskets are being met by honor guards in white gloves instead of baggage handlers with forklifts. The military is flying the dead into airports closer to their hometowns, so that they can be met by their families and, in some cases, receive community tributes. And the caskets are being walked from the plane by an honor guard. Which shows much respect for the sacrifices that was made by the

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