My First Day at College and the Friends I met

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My first day at college had a great meaning to me. It was the beginning of my dream to go to college and to pursue a higher education.I had so many emotions running trough me , it was the first time being in this level and the first time paying for education myself. I always wanted to be a college student, a serious student who would decide what to be in her life. The first day at Truman College was on August 25th, 2005. The first year of my freshman year and Fall semester. That day I had so many things on my mind, from what I was going to wear to figure out where the class number and the floor it would be located at. It was actually a day full of new experiences. I had just turned 28 years old. By the time I had a full-time job in downtown, which I had to go after school. I had to find the time to study and to do homework, specially after class meetings, I was exited and scared at the same time. I noticed that the class was not the same versus the ESL and GED classes that I took at Truman. Although, it was the one I wanted to take, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. However, I was impressed to see a wide diversity of student from other countries and I thought that the class would be very interesting by meeting new people. The purpose of this essay is to tell the main experiences about being in college for the first time.

My class was ENG 100. I hoped that this would be an easy class. The teacher handed out the syllabus and explained what we had to do for the rest of the semester. First, we had to get a laptop, since the class was a “hybrid class”.

W e learned how to use the blackboard in order to access to all the assignments, evaluations, forums, etc. I did not know what to expect at the ...

... middle of paper ... summary and response paper that I had a hard time finish it. She explained every detailed.

My first day at college ended up with great satisfaction, I though that going to college would be a great impact in my life . And being part of a class where I would learn so many things, gave me the strength to keep going. It would give the chance to relate with new people and of course, to meet new friends who could last for a life time. And of course, to become more independent. Although, I have to study hard, I feel good because I am doing the best to achieve my goals about finish college. Therefore, to obtain a professional career, with a good projection. Furthermore I also want my family to be proud of me, even though they are not with me. I want to become a successful woman in life , no matter If I have to try a million times I would never stop.

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