Computer Programming Assignment

1, To describe what I did to prepared for my programming
First of all I had no much computer programming skill from the past , but I do have some short-term programming courses completion. of course the basic idea from the past about python language programming is a big deal to me to prepared myself early for this class. Otherwise not easy to find out exactly what is going on around computer language program; programming a computer is not so simple and controlled within a short period of time, computer programming is need big time and a lot of effort.
The beginning of my 1st week1 to my major course computer programming compositions classes even though I had some basic skill about python programming I can tell it was a big challenge for me
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It was emotional and frustrating for me, at the beginning when the downloaded systems wasn’t work for me properly and removed from my computer several times until I got the right one for my system and tested and proved it and make sure everything are working for me very well as I needed. During this process,it was challenged, completely hard time and decided not to have this gave up because didn’t work. But step by step started to see progress on my setup and even completed and started communicated with python (” Hello world”) thanks, python works! But I admitted that computer programming is not teasy as we really using the computer, and we are watching movies from the computer at all. Computer programming is something that needed big understanding, and also needed a lot of effort, time, and very deep computer knowledge her. I know that tuff for me but I like it and decided to challenge programming. Surprisingly, computer programming it is not even the way we read books and watch a…show more content…
Describe what you learned. Finally I realized that it has not my computer problem and even python’s problem at all it has me, I had no idea and didn’t know for the first time that what the computer is? The computer system is system that created by human mind and what computer known’s are very limed, I learned that if I don’t talk to the computer properly there is no chance to communicate with or any language programming system understand me I am completely lost and there is no way to communicate with the computer at all. Because python understands only what it has and the way it has planned to talk. Finally I learned from python many things somehow python becomes my friend little by little with me. Another set of questions to consider in my learning

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