My First Computer

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Running Head: My First Computer

My First Computer


I began working with computers about 3 years ago. Needless to say it was a shocking experience sitting in front of a picture tube and not knowing how it worked or where to begin. I began by hitting buttons and asking question at the same time.

The first computer that I bought was a new Packard Bell 486 with windows 3.1 and a Cannon bubble jet. It was more troublesome to use and I was not computer literate and I had no ideal what I had but I had a computer in my home. I was asked prior to buying the computer what I wanted put on it my answer was whatever it comes with and I had no idea what to use so the guy put some programs on it and I took it home and was in business. I would do little things at first just to try and get a feel for this thing but it would amaze me or frustrate me. I had this thing and did not know what to do with it at times I felt like throwing it out the window. The more I tried reading the book the more I got confused and I had no patience with this technology. I looked through several different computer books and that did not help. So I finally gave up on computers and left them alone for several years.

After five years I found myself in the need of a computer because I had moved up in position and it required the use of a computer and everything was becoming electronic including the forms. I when out and brought a new up to date computer for that time. It came with all this fancy software and hardware. I was happy to have it but could only do so much work on it. I could do PowerPoint slides that was my biggie I would pull up a blank screen input what I wanted print it out and head for the next slide. But PowerPoint was not the only thing the bosses wanted they wanted Excel spreadsheet, graphs, memos, and all this other stuff that I had no ideal of doing. I sat down with a friend and told him of my dilemma and he kind of put me on the right track and lost me at the same time.

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