Growing up with Technology

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Growing up with Technology

Born in the eighties, I entered a world of big hair and bad style. In the technological realm there were tape players, VCR’s, and fresh on the market: personal computers. Apple was domination the computer scene with their introduction of the Lisa computer. But not for long, soon computer technology would jump to unimaginable heights. As I grew up the technology around me would continue to grow and advance – quite rapidly I might add.

My first encounter with computers (as far as I can remember) was when my next door neighbors got their very first Apple. I can remember going over to their house and begging to play on their computer. All I wanted to play with was the paint-brush program because I thought it was the neatest thing to be able to move something with your hand and have a picture created for you on the screen according to what your hand did. It was very cool!

Then came “computer lab” in elementary school. We had to go with our class once a week down to the computer lab for an hour or two to learn basic computer knowledge. I was always one step ahead of my fellow students, so in fourth grade my computer teacher asked me to be apart of the computer club. I know that sounds pretty nerdy, but this is how I stayed up to date on the newest computer advancements. After all, I didn’t own a computer and I couldn’t always go over to my neighbor’s house all the time. I can still remember the day that my teacher brought in and showed us compact discs. She acted like they were very expensive and had to be handled with extreme care. I was so scared the first time I held one because she had instilled in us the fear of scratching and messing them up permanently.

Once oriented with computer through my elementary classes and clubs, my family finally got our

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