My Favorite Cartoon

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My Favorite Cartoon ¡V The Simpsons

Watching a hilarious cartoon on television may seem like the most relaxed thing in the world. However, ¡§The Simpsons¡¨ is not only a stupid funny cartoon to keep us laughing for joy but also a clever TV program mixed up with irreverence and slightly twisted morality. I¡¦m not saying that how much influence this show can bring to our reality. But I think it¡¥s very well written. Also it constantly reflects and spoofs our society.
The whole story takes place in a mythical town of Springfield in America. Just like an ordinary American family. Homer Simpson, 36 years old, is a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and also a dimwitted father. His wife Marge, 34 years old, is a homemaker with a real high and weird hairdo. Homer dislike hi...

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