My Father's Reaction to My Biggest Mistake

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Bored out of my mind on a cold and rainy day, my friends invited me to attend a live basketball game in Oakland, California. I felt ecstatic since I have never gone to a NBA game before. I realized that the place I needed to arrive at was around twenty miles away from my home. I was not willing to take the bus all the way from San Francisco to Oakland with this horrible weather. Caught in the excitement, I took my dad's car keys without his consent and decided to drive to the arena in Oakland with no driver's license.
My plan was to drive to the arena in Oakland to watch my first NBA game with some friends. I knew what I have planned was wrong, dangerous, and illegal but there was no way I would take a crowded bus when it was around forty degrees with heavy rain. I was easily tempted to drive when my dad called and told me that he would be working overtime. Not realizing the consequences, I immediately ran to my dad's car cautiously. I did not feel nervous at all as I turned on the engine of the car and started driving. However, when I was on my way to the arena in Oakland, the car was quickly slowing down on the freeway without me stepping on the breaks. My arms and knees started to tremble as I slowly drove to the emergency lane. My mood went from being ecstatic to becoming frightened. All of a sudden, I can taste the sweat pouring down my face. I was unaware that my dad's car was out of gas until it was too late. My carelessness led to this issue. Not only will I miss my first ever NBA game, I was worried that I my dad would find out about this problem. Helpless in the middle of the highway, the first thing I thought of was calling my friends for advice. As I reached for my phone from my pockets, I remembered that I didn't ch...

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...ill remember for the rest of my life.
That incident felt like an eternity. Thankfully, my dad did not care about me taking his car keys without his permission or his cars getting keyed. All he cared about was my safety and well-being. He told me nicely "You've caught a cold. I'll bring you back home to get some rest". I was shocked by his reactions. I thought he would be furious with me and not want me back home, but my dad have reminded me why I was restricted to some actions, like driving a car at a young age. By the end of the night, my dad was just glad that I returned home safely. This moment changed my life till this day. Throughout the years, I've been disobeying my dad due to his many rules in the house. After today, I now realize why my dad set all these rules. The most important thing for him is my safety and that is what I believe makes a great father.
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