Personal Narrative Essay: A Memorable Childhood Experience

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968 words

A Memorable Childhood Experience
It was a normal Saturday morning everything was going swell until, I awoke up from my slumber only to be left alone at home with my brother. In that short moment where my brother and I were left alone at home to survive I started to panic and overthink the worst-case scenario might happen. That our parents left us to fend for ourselves and we had to endure the up-coming obstacles that would soon arrive. In this experience, I learned not to overthink but to also be patient in and not make hasty decisions.
It was a regular Saturday morning I was asleep in my bed and I remember what the dream I was having. I was dreaming that I was falling off a fifty-story building and when I immediately fell in my dream my body suddenly reacted that it happened for real. This made my body jump up and in the process, I hit my head on the floor. The drop was so strong I thought I felt a concussion and when I opened my eyes everything was blurry and unbalanced.
My younger brother was asleep next to me, and when I fell I woke him up in the process.
“what happened are you okay?” my younger brother asked in a weak voice.
I tried to reply in the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they tried to reply in the clearest way, “aahhaahahah yeah i’m fine just fell down.”
  • Describes how they woke up from their slumber to be left alone at home with their brother. they learned not to overthink but to also be patient in and not make hasty decisions.
  • Narrates how they froze and panicked when they heard the doorbell ringing, which made their brother insecure.
  • Narrates how their younger brother and i braced ourselves for the upcoming challenge and realized that the intruders were their parents at the doorstep.

We had asked why the door was left open and my parents said they were in a hurry for an appointment and forgot to close the door on their way. The first thing my parents noticed was that the entire house was a mess and they looked back at us for an explanation. I explained that when they were gone I had panicked and thought you left us to go live another life. So, I decided that we should gather all the food and start rationing our food supply. My parents were not in a good mode and they started yelling at me for making very poor decision in this situation. Not only did I learn not to overthink everything the hard way, but I also gained some valuable insight to be patient in any

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