My Capstone Project

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As seniors we are given a capstone project that is tied into our community service hours as well. I have chosen a place to work that does have something to do with my academic background. I am working every Friday at Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School with a few of my peers. In coincidence we all attended and graduated from this school together. We chose to work here not only because it is a familiar place, but also because we wanted to see what changes and positive influences that we can make on this school. When we first started we had no clue upon the topic of what the project would be. After our first day and observations, we came up with the notion that these students will not take part in the exercises or any activities for that matter. We want to help change that mentality to be lazy into an active and positive one. As students we have concluded that we can help turn this negative feedback into positive feedback. Our internship is a school that started off with just pre-school. The school was started in 1966 by Mr. Thomas Mayes who was the late husband to Mrs. Beatrice Mayes. The school accumulated as a wide brand and grew. This school grew from pre- school, to elementary, to middle school. As present alumni members we want to see the school grow into something more than what we had when we attended the school. We have watched this school grow and progress over the years. The school is named after the super attendant and co- founder Mrs. Beatrice Mayes. She had a dream of starting a school and reached her dream with the help of her family and friends. This school instilled set so many values and principles into each and every student that has ever attended there. We now take these values with us and try and help inst... ... middle of paper ... ...hese teachers have to step in a substitutes for other teachers that may call in. We try to help the best way we can. We have made some progress over the weeks. This is much more than just community service hours, we are helping our community. Some of these kids are in danger of having diabetes and high cholesterol and we want to get rid of the percentage that increases. We have gotten majority of these kids into playing and having fun with their peers. We get the kids that mostly don’t do anything and have gotten them to participate. We have come up with games and ways for them to have fun with their class and coaches. Almost every Friday we make our way to the coaches and ask where they need help. They joke around with us and then give us a group of kids. We come up with games for them to play and let them play and then they play these games with the entire class.
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