My Accomplishment

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It all started in Mrs. Luana’s Little Learners Academy when Mrs. Luana believed that I was babbling too much during class and put me in time out. This small, insignificant point in my life transformed me into the rule following, overachiever I am today. It helped me to become the eighteen-year-old that is going to graduate from seminary, high school, and college in May 2017. While following the rules kept me out of trouble, it did not always help me academically. My second grade teacher told me that “if you did not know the word, skip it.” This incident helped me to become the fifth grade student who could only read at a first grade level. I would still be behind today if it were not for my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Ashmore who motivated me to improve my reading level. I ended up seeking help from my third grade teacher Mr. Mertin who helped me improve my reading skills to a sixth grade reading level. For this accomplishment, I received the Principles Award at Coral Canyon Elementary school. This is when I started to understand that failure was not a tragedy, but an…show more content…
I find it exciting to discover solutions to problems that affect others, which got me a job as a tutor in algebra and chemistry at Montana State University Billings. I take an active interest in math and science and plan to receive my degree in Chemical Engineering with a teaching option in hope that I could develop the next lithium ion battery, invent a new material to replace plastic, or develop a new liquid to replace soda. I love sharing math and science with the college students I am tutoring and have specifically enjoyed helping out a disabled college student. Students are extraordinary in their own way and finding out how to help them remember a math equation is a beautiful gift that I want to share with the