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323 words

During my life I had some accomplishments. But, I will tell you the truth I cannot call them as my great accomplishments. At this point of my life I had the two greatest events. My first event was my high school graduation. The second event, which was the biggest and the most unforgettable was my wedding day.

First event that I accomplished was when I got my high school diploma. Even though finishing high school was not an easy task for me, those days were the best moments of my life. I always knew that if I would finish high school and then hold the diploma in my hands I would always make my parents and of course feel very proud. My parents are proud because I am their oldest child and I am the first who graduated high school successfully. This is my first year in college, I am majoring biology, and some day I would have not a high school graduation but I would be a graduate from college. My dream is to be a physician assistant. I hope that some day I will achieve all of my goals. When I would get my degree it would be one of my greatest accomplishments.

My second event was a little different. It was the event the totally changed my view of life. The unforgettable day was my wedding day. April 29th in the year 2002 was the day when I became responsible for my own life. Even though I have so many responsibilities I would never regret the moment I agreed to be my husbands wife. My wedding ceremony was the event that I dreamed of since I was a little girl. I imagined every detail of it. It was like a fairy tale wedding. I was wearing the most elegant dress in the world. There were three hundred people at the ceremony. I would never forget such a beautiful day.

One thing that I never thought about is how it would be sad to leave my parents. At the end of the ceremony, deep in my heart I felt very sad. I looked at my parents and when I saw my mother was crying I felt like my heart would burst. I realized that starting tomorrow I was going to be without my mother. I thought how it would be hard to say goodbye to the home where I grew up in.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they had two greatest events in their life: their high school graduation and their wedding day.
  • Opines that finishing high school was not an easy task for them, but those days were the best moments of their life.
  • Narrates how their wedding day changed their view of life. they would never regret the moment they agreed to be their husband's wife.
  • Describes how they never thought about how it would be sad to leave their parents. at the end of the ceremony, deep in their heart, they felt sad.
  • Concludes that their greatest events made them think like an adult, such as graduating from high school, wedding, and future education.
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