Music Thesis Statement

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Introduction/Background/Thesis Statement Playing a musical instrument is like a full body workout for almost one hundred percent of the brain. There are several effects that musicians have in common with each other. The younger musicians or beginners in band, orchestra or choir have more in common than you may think. Most musicians may believe that the only similarity between them is that they are involved in music. Most already know that they have gained some kind of effects from being a musician, like gaining a new talent. Although you are gaining a new talent, you may have not known that it helps musician’s ability to learn. However, there are effects that are shared by musicians and other professions. Playing a musical instrument has multiple …show more content…

Being able to memorize music and develop muscle memory. Knowing how to read music helps with better memory. Remembering notes, positions, and symbols. STATISTICS Remembering the tempos and rhythms. Being able to have a better memory can be quite helpful while playing music. Remembering how long to play. Playing a musical instrument is a mental workout for about ninety nine percent of the brain, which helps develop a better memory. Remembering when to look up at the conductor. Helps to improve the musician’s organizational skills. Organization is needed to be a successful musician. Keeping your music organized and, staying on top of things. The quality of practice is more important than the amount of practice. Creates consistency and routine. Staying on time will help the brain focus. Being on time for performances or rehearsal will decrease stress. STATISTICS Keeping your place in the song. Keeping the group in their correct spots. Knowing where you should be at all times. Counting with the time signature will keep you in order with the group. Knowing how to improve. When being involved in a musical instrument helps to increase social

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