Muhammad, A Biography Of Prophet

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Muhammad, A Biography Of Prophet A short history about the world's fastest growing religion and of the man, who seeded the plant of Islam himself, Muhammad (saw). Armstrong writes this book in a humanist style and introduces the reader to the cultural and historical background of the life of Mohammed and the revelation of the Quran. She first starts with the West's long history of hostility toward Islam, which has often led to the stigma of “a religion of the sword." She contradicts this ideology, by this sympathetic, captivating biography portraying Muhammad (saw) as a passionate, simple, fallible human being--a charismatic leader possessed of political as well as spiritual gifts. A prophet whose, monotheistic vision answered the deepest longings of his people. Armstrong invalidates the Western image of Muhammad (saw) as an impostor who used religion as a means to power. She finds in the Prophet's teachings a theology of peace and tolerance. The "holy war" urged by the Quran as Armstrong's states alludes to each Muslim's duty to fight for a just, decent society. She mentions how Muhammad (saw) brought the backward tribal Arabia of the seventh century into out of their darkness and draws significant parallels between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The book is precise and does not try to mislead, its rounded and revealing. Karen Armstrong has no axe to grind and presents her ...

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...s a very good read for someone who knows little or nothing about Islam and its prophet. Or for someone who has the stigma of “a religion of the sword." Especially since 9/11 this book should be republished and brought in the market for the media to look over once again. It will teach and reason at the same time. Anyone who has the slightest interest in religion, or Islam should read this book. It is analytical and well stated. This book is very useful and utmost inspiring. It cleared a lot of misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad and Islam which people even perceive today.

This book succeeds to release the minds of many from the blinders of propaganda, and reveal a Prophet, and a people, with a real triumphant history, with a conclusion of remarkable success. The book simply is a success.
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