Moving To Florida Is The Turning Point Of Life

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Moving to America
I strongly believe everyone has the turning point of life.It might change the way you see the world depends on what you have been through. In the same way, Moving to Florida is my huge turning point and can be compared to a new journey waiting to be explored. I completely changed myself in a positive way because of this journey has taught the magnificent lesson that I would never learn in my country. Before I moved to Florida. Basically, I had lived with my family in Thailand. One day my mom found out the way to increase the income. In additional, she was bored with her current job and couldn 't afford to raise me with such a low salary. Therefore, My mom and dad decided to leave their hometown to find a better job with
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It is time to explore the various side of the world. Even though I would I realize how much I am going to miss my hometown and people I used to see in everyday. However this is the good opportunity, which is not everyone, can get easily so I would take and use it effectually. I arrived in Florida On August 22, 2015. I came to this country with poor English skill. At first, My parents had to teach me how to say or use the words in different situations. My duty was memorize everything they taught me as much as possible. I went to school in Fort Lauderdale with the confusing mind I didn’t even know how to communicate with other people. In the first week was so tough for me I came back home with tear on my face and my mom saw it so she ask me if it is too much for me I can go back to Thailand and I said no I will not give up and I will not look back I have gone too far to turn back no matter how hard of obstacle is I have to go through it. Three weeks later I started to set up the rule for improving my English skill. The first rule is in each day I have to talk with somebody in the school don’t need to talk about knowledge stuff just say whatever you want to say and it was worth it. I had done for a week I could get a couple friends in each class. The second rule is when I come back home I have to study and keep practicing what is my weakness skill in…show more content…
So they just let me learn by myself . When I look back at that time I realized that I have changed for the better. My English skill had been improved I can understand what people are talking. I had the courage to talk with other people first even thought sometimes I still lack communication and writing skill but for me, it is still good. Also, My personality has completely changed I became a responsible person. Now I know what are my life goals and how to be successful in

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