Morocco the Beautiful

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Mud-brick homes sit happily on the glittering golden hills of Morocco. The sweet and spicy fumes of Moroccan cuisine fills the air while hearty laughter and joyously beating drums rhythmically dance up and down the roads and walkways. Morocco truly is a beautiful and diverse country. The amiable and kind personalities of the 3,147,800 Moroccans are clearly shown through their culture and traditions (“Background Note: Morocco.”). Moroccan literary and art works are very influential to the modern world, and provide substantial insight to the culture itself.
The location of Morocco has a large influence on the culture of its people. Morocco is an African country located in Northern Africa and borders the Atlantic Ocean. Slightly larger than California, Morocco is 446,550 square kilometers in size and is the home of over three million people (“Background Note: Morocco”). Because of its size and location, Morocco is easily influenced by both European and African culture, making the art and literature very unique and distinctive. Morocco’s cities are very diverse, each one having a specific major export. The major cities of Morocco are Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, Tangier, and Rabat, the capital of the country (“Background Note: Morocco”). 40% of the population of Morocco lives in these cities. Most Arabic Moroccans live in the major cities of Morocco and Berber of indigenous Moroccans live on the outskirts of the cities. (“Morocco”).
The religion of Morocco has changed drastically throughout the country’s history. In it’s early history, Morocco had one of the largest Jewish populations in the world (Muhammad). Many Jews were chased out of the country during the Inquisition of 1492 (Muhammad). Many Arabs traveled to Morocco in...

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