Morgan-Moe's Tom Case Study

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When looking at Morgan-Moe’s drug stores methods, for each of the store managers to choose from, they were created to improve sales and decrease employee turnover. The store managers may pick any method they think will help them, and their store, succeed. The data is a little bit concerning, due to the fact that some of the methods that are chosen have such a high average turnover, with little profit per week. There is a distinct difference between the management styles between all the methods. If a manager, was not the best manager, and just chose the traditional management style, there would be a high average turnover and the weekly profits would be small. But, the evolving managers that will try everything new, would not choose the traditional…show more content…
Looking at each method that the stores could pick from, the data just speaks for itself. The managers who didn’t like change, stuck with the traditional management. Managers that tried something different, raised their weekly profits about 75% of the stores choose other programs rather than traditional management. That shows that more managers were willing to try something new to see if it helped. The data shows that some of the managers at Morgan-Moe’s were willing to try something new. The managers at the stores that chose to do nothing are hurting their bottom…show more content…
The stores that were older, that didn’t want change, might do better with a different program. When in an economically distressed area, conditions can be tense. Allowing employees to brainstorm to bring in more customers helps their moral and self-efficiency. According to Robbins (2011), “Self-efficiency refers to an individual’s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task” (p. 217). When they see the store succeed because of some their own doings; the individuals will be able to believe in themselves. Morgan-Moe’s wanted to create change because they only had so long before they would become bankrupt. Putting managers in positions that they were not used to could let them expand their managing techniques. With having a more diverse management, it creates a greater connection between management and employees. This, in turn, lowers employee turnover and increases weekly

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