Morality and Social Taboos

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Ethical judgments do limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and natural sciences. Every system or method has its weakneses and strengths. Morality is enforced by social taboos against certain humors. (Li) I believe ethical judgment is somewhat detrimental to the understanding of a work of art. In most works of art there are many underlying themes. When a piece is censored and isn’t seen as “ethical” then we lose the real meaning of what the artist is trying to create. The intended knowledge or understanding of the piece gets morphed into a different meaning.
Every one of us sets our own ethical codes, but I believe that our society has manipulated our minds to conform to their ideas of “ethical”. This is a conscious thought and is something we do by instinct. There are different ethical groups or religions, such as Christianity or Muslims. These different religions follow different beliefs. Muslims read the Koran and believe that certain things aren’t ethical in the ways Christians do using the bible. Each religion teaches a similar code of ethics. They emphasize respect for other religions but they force you to conform to their religion. We see religious people as highly ethical people, they have to act a certain way and follow certain guidelines.
We adopt certain characteristics from our parents that we do not notice at an early age. Our parents teach us the right way to do certain things and what’s ethical and not ethical. These teachings shape us fundamentally. This can have multiple consequences, for instance being brought up the ‘ethical’ way can make a child rebel and do unethical things. This translates to later in our lifetime. The people we hang around and develop friendships with ...

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...ics. In my examples above the main problem is the dilemma of making a mistake. It is difficult to produce good work if one does not make mistakes. Mistakes are the key factor, I believe in producing quality work. If one judges another for their mistakes and can only focus on the negatives of their work, then I believe that they themselves are not being moral. It all comes down to opinions of what is ethical and moral. Truly one cannot have an exact definition of what is moral or ethical.
Overall ethical judgments do limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Artist and scientist are afraid to express themselves. They censor and limit their own knowledge to please the people. Without limits one would be able to express themselves freely and show the true artwork and discoveries of the artist and scientist.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that artists have had to deal with the consequences of the uniqueness and originality of their pieces. ai weiwei is a contemporary artist.
  • Opines that scientists are morally responsible for their discoveries, as they are able to explore different ways of thinking. fritz haber discovered the industrial synthesis of ammonia.
  • Opines that ethical judgments limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and natural sciences.
  • Explains that they had to create a physical theatre piece that explained the use of guns and the negative effects of it.
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