Montresor Character Analysis Essay

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Have you ever met someone so clever, determined, and cruel to leave a man to die over an insult? Montresor is the perfect example of these character traits. In “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe, Montresor uses all of these character traits to get revenge on Fortunado for insulting his family name. Montresor’s clever planning, determination for revenge, and cruel murder are the perfect combination for his unequaled revenge. Montresor’s cleverness is displayed multiple times within the selection, many times with irony. An excellent example is his charade of compassion towards Fortunado’s well being in the catacombs. As they venture deeper in the catacombs, Montresor asks Fortunado of his cough, only pretending to care while this also gains a little bit of Fortunado’s trust. Another example of Montresor’s cleverness is continually giving Fortunado wine to increase his state of unawareness as Montresor says, “Here, Fortunado. Drink …show more content…

Montresor’s way of revenge is a very slow, painful, and terrifying homicide. As the story tells of Montresor’s planning for his revenge, it makes clear that Montresor knew that this form of murder would be very slow and inhumane. As Montresor tells it, “I found the stones which earlier I had taken down from the wall." (Poe p.71) This quote reveals that Montresor had already taken down this wall in order to trap Fortunado in this room to kill him. Montresor had a very twisted way of getting his revenge. In conclusion, Montresor is a very unique and demented character. This story strongly represents three characteristics that Montresor possesses. Montresor’s cleverness is the reason he can irony and detail to the situation. His determination is the driving force for all of his actions in the story. Finally, Montresor’s cruelty is what makes him a one-of-a-kind character with a unique course of action. All of these traits are what answer the question of who is

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