Modern Stealth Bombers

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The first well known example modern stealth bombers and fighters is the Horten Ho 299. The Horten was actually designed back in the 1930s, by the brothers Reimar and Walter Horten. They had become very interested in a “flying wing” design as a way of improving gliders and “eliminating unneeded surfaces”, therefore reducing drag. In 1943, Richsmarschall Goring posted a need for a plane that could fly at 1000km/h(620 mph) and carry 1000 kg of a load over 1000 km; the so called 3x1000 project. The Horten brothers thought their design would greatly helpand the stealth fighter was born. The stealth fighter program stalled until 1981, when the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was first being developed. The Nighthawk was a black project, one of the highest ranks of security, for much of its life. The stealth in the Nighthawk was created with flat panels, called facets, which were arranged in such a way as to scatter up to 99% of radar energy signals that "paint" the target airplane. Later, in 1986, the B-2 bomber was created. It was slightly larger than the Nighthawk and didn't have a tail...

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