Model of Critical Success Factors and Success Criteria for Project and project Management Success in a Developing Country

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Regression Analysis Five independent variables which are factors related to project (FRO), factors related to leadership/manager (FRL), factors related to team members (FRT), factors related to project organization (FRPO) and factors related to environment (FRE) are regressed with four dependent KPIs which are iron triangle, organizational benefits, benefits information system and stakeholder’s benefits. Out of five, four independent variables show association with at least one dependent variable, the independent factor that does not show any association was FRE. The significant results taken at p< 0.10 of multiple regressions are shown in the table 3. The values of adjusted r² indicate the variation in the dependent variable accounted for by the variation in independent variables. Variations in iron triangle 34.9%, organizational benefits 37.1%, benefit information system 43.1% and 26.9% as explained by the independent variables. When the regression coefficients were applied in order to develop the regression equation, we obtain the following equations: Iron Triangle = -29.20 + 6.426* FRP + 6.557*FRT Organizational Benefits = 1.479 + 0.283* FRL Benefit Informational System = 0.913 + 0.313*FRT + 0.250* FRPO Stakeholder’s Benefits = 1.806 + 0.249*FRP The dependent variables which have more than one association were checked for relative importance of independent variable through β weights. In iron triangle, FRT (β=0.306) have comparatively more importance than FRP (β=0.253). In benefit information system, FRT (β=0.329) have more importance than FRPO (β=0.256). The findings of multiple regressions suggest that the developed model is statistically valid and has the potential for subsequent development for use. ... ... middle of paper ... ...Management Journal, vol 28, no. 2. Toor, S-U- & Ogunlana, SO 2009, 'Beyond the 'iron triangle':Stakeholder perception of key performance indicators (KPIs) for large-scale public sector development projects', International Journal of Project Management. Warchol, J & Amadi-Echendu, J 2007, 'Critical success factors for brown-field capital and renewal projects', SA Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol 18, no. 1, pp. 107-116. Westerveld, E 2003, 'The project excellence model: linking success criteria and critical success factors', International Journal of Project Management, vol 21, pp. 411-418. White, D & Fortune, J 2002, 'Current practice in project management- an empirical study', International Journal of Project Management, vol 20, pp. 1-11. Wit, AD 1988, 'Measurement of project success', International Journal of Project Management, vol 6, no. 3, pp. 164-170.
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