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meagan clemens February 23, 2014 The lights, the camera's, the designer clothes, and the beautiful models, all of these are contributing pieces of a runway fashion show. But the models who are strutting down the runway, showing off high standard fashion clothes, are not the only models that are out there. There are many types of models that work in this line of business. There are commercial models, catalog models, plus size models, parts models, and so many more. All models have something in common though, they all live a challenging life. Although many believe that being famous, or on the cover of top rated magazines will make you happy and feel fulfilled, living that form of life can create a feeling of having no privacy. There are many perks however, in working as a model. For example, if working as a runway model, it is not unheard of to have a salary of five hundred dollars per hour. That high of a salary is mainly only given if it is a very large name show. Catalog models can receive one hundred dollars to two hundred or more. The amount of an hourly salary is dependent upon the popularity of the company or brand being modeled and if the model has a good reputation. The life of a model is very busy and includes a multitude of challenges that the model needs to be ready for. Everybody loves a pretty face, but having a unique look is not all that mandatory for models. A good attitude and a capability to work well with others are necessary characteristics of a model along with plenty others. If you have a desire to be a model but you have a bad attitude and act as if you know everything there is to know, that will not go over well with agencies you may be looking to support you in your future possible career as a model.... ... middle of paper ... ...en the modeling world by storm since 1989 (Jones 6). Marcus Schenkenberg was first seen by a modeling scout when he was rollerskating in Venice, Italy. Born August 4, 1968, he is 45 now and still modeling. David Beckham is also another famous male model. Born May 2, 1975 he is also an actor. Though models have to deal with much strife and challenging tasks. Not many people realize how much energy goes into modeling. The biggest tip for being a model, is stay true to yourself. When you are a model, many people will tell you to wear this, do that, walk like this, talk like that. But the most important thing to know is that you should do what you love and love what you do. Modeling is not a fast paced career, it takes time and patience from everyone involved, you may not be receiving the results you wish for, but if you keep at it, you will get better and better.

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