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Modes In Brain

Mover’s mode.

Srinivasan N

Learning may be defined as the relatively permanent change in behaviour that occurs as a result of practice. As of growing ages we nurture ourselves according to our surrounding. The goal shows that how the stimulus (The term stimulus is anything in the environment that can be detected by the senses) of the brain works. On how the attentions are grabbed it depends upon the stimulus conditions. These are the some of the basic concept that are to be known before we enter into the topic.
These stimulus conditions may be divided into two main groups.
1. Objective Condition and
2. Subjective Condition.
These objective determinants are those which captures the attention or in which situation the peoples are in and in which way the brain identifies it.
Size: Attention depends upon the size of the stimulus objects bigger in size seek more attention than the smaller objects.
Intensity: Intensity denotes the nature of the stimulus which has more intensity seeks attention of the individual than the weaker stimulus. For example a brighter light easily attracts the individual than the dull one.
Movement or change: In our visual field moving object seeks more attention of the individuals than a non-moving object. Advertisers use this psychological factor in their advertisements.
Novelty or Striking Quality: A new or novel object or an event is more attractive than the usual one, higher the novelty it gets attention.
Repetition: Discrete stimulus has more effect than the continuous one. Stimulating the sense organs again and again produces more sensitivity than the continuous stimulation.
Duration: For an individual to be more attentive the duration of ...

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...g pie chart will give us the clear version of details in which 60 of our students had answered these questions.
These data can b the official data that had been collected through these research questions.

Pie chart based on 60 students who answered these questions which represents the respective cognitive modes.

The following excel sheet shows the sample on how we have done the survey on each modes.

Average of respective cognitive modes.

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