Mlk Vs Malcolm X Research Paper

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During the civil rights movement, the people (African American) and theirs leaders use different methods or approaches to achieve their goal, but I will focus on DR Martin Luther King JR and Malcolm X philosophies towards the “role of violence”. DR King and Malcolm X are two black men living in America when black people are treated and considered inferior human race. They are actually second class citizens in their own country. Although Dr King and Malcolm X goals are the same, but their method or approach towards achieving it are drastically different. Dr King believed that to work against injustice, one must develop a nonviolent frame of mind to achieve that because differences cannot be settled through violence. …show more content…

Black is Beautiful. Black power movement believed that black folks have run out of patience seeing their people dehumanized as if they are common animals that worth nothing on earth. They believed that it is time for blacks’ to take control of their selves instead of being brainwashed and polluted by white folks. In 1968 Kwame Ture define Black Power as “ the ability of black people to political get together and organize themselves so that they can speak from a position of strength rather a position of weakness”(Lander 1967,p.8). Now looking at this definition, I can say that their philosophy is to liberate black people from white colony and instilling Black peoples mind that Black is beautiful and gorgeous in every aspect of life. Black power movement did not believe that blacks should totally assimilate into white folks because that means that their history is worth not preserving. This leads me back to what I believed is their philosophy (liberating Blacks form white colony). The Black power movement also accepted Malcolm X philosophy towards violence than Dr King’s view towards violence. They believed that Dr King view of nonviolence tactics is not a viable option for blacks’ libration, in fact integration is as good as surrendering to white supremacy. Their believe is that blacks should be a force of their own and they are ready to take their rights in a violent way if consistently denied the most basic of human rights. In all sense, they are

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