Military Tactics Used in Vietnam War

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Military Tactics Used in Vietnam War Our study has shown that both sides used different tactics in the Vietnam War and as the war progressed and intensified during the 1960's each side changed and altered their tactics. The first tactic, USA started off with was economic aid and general support. USA provided £500 million to the French for fighting the Vietminh. After the French had lost to the Vietminh and all gone home, south Vietnam became its own country, with a new government, the new governor of south Vietnam called Diem set up to make south Vietnam non communist. America start supporting Diem only because he said he would fight the Vietminh and communism, so the Americans gave south Vietnam general support and start to poor in £1.6 billion into Diems regime. Soon advisors were sent in; by 1964 JFK has sent in 16,000 advisors to train the ARVN. Further on JFK decided to start a new additional tactic, which were strategic hamlets. These were small villages, which were turned into military bases and a point of defence, which basically tried to stop communists entering South Vietnam to try to spread the faith of communism. This tactic wasn't really a success as only 1 in 8 were secure from communism. Soon after JFK was shot and killed. Which meant L B Johnson was the next American president He knew very little about Vietnam but decided to stick with JFK's original plan, as he new little about Vietnam he visited the country and said "this is the biggest dam mess I ever saw" as the war got more tense and started to escalate in enemy activity, so did LBJ, the VC bombed America he bombed back, which was a new tactic, bombing bases. Not long after an air war started, LBJ sent in the marines. a total of 500,000 was sent to Vietnam in 1968. The main problem in Vietnam for the Americans was the geography of the country, Below the partion line, there are massive mountains which means USA cant use there mass fire power or tanks, so marines and
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