Theories Of Homosexuality

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Homosexual is a romantic attraction that occurs between two people of the same sex. This is the endurance pattern with an aim of experiencing sexual, affection and romantic attractions which is exclusively between similar genders. This is one of the three major categories of sexual orientation in sex. There have been many issues and concerns regarding the issue of homosexuality. In any society, homosexual has always been considered as evil and ungodly (Connors 2007). It is also considered as something extra ordinary that is only practiced by a certain part of people. For this reason, there are many discussions on homosexuality and this also includes a number of theories. These researchers are forwarded to explain the cause and the origin of homosexuality in both men and women. One of the famous theories that were forwarded on homosexuality are the theories by Freud`s and Jung. This essay introduces the theories on homosexual as they were discussed by Freud and Jung. Further, I will compare and contrast Freud’s and Jung’s theories about the sexual orientation in women. In particular, what factors lead females to become homosexual?
Freud has multiple known theories all describing the unconsciousness, the human defense mechanism, the clinical conversation between patients and psychoanalyst, and most prominently he discussed about sexual desire. He explained sexual desire as the key motivating energy for humans, and he discussed about its magnitude. On the same topic of sexual desire, Freud also discussed about homosexuality and how it’s acquired (Freud’s View of Homosexuality, 2013). Sigmund Freud discussed the concept of homosexuality as deterministic. According to Feud, human beings are born with unfocused sexual libidinal d...

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...osexuality in women results from the unconscious mind of a person. In addition, Freud belief that homosexual cannot be converted to heterosexual once it is developed. On the other hand, Jung presents his arguments basing on the idea that homosexuality is caused by the spirits. This is because it is believed that homosexuals have both male and female soul. These spirits are the ones that drive an individual to be attracted to a person of the same sex. Thus, Jung presents his theory from the biblical point of view and to him, the idea of Freud that homosexual is caused by the interaction from the environment and unconscious mind is not true. This is the reason that he goes ahead to challenge the works and evidence that is discussed by Freud in the theories. However, all the two theories, Freud is more convinced and presents his arguments in a professional manner.
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