Methadone Management Essay

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The purpose of methadone is to help clients control their urges for addiction and withdrawal symptoms for a better future. From listening to the charge nurse, there could actuality be a possibility to help patients who are addicted to opioids, manage their lives and create a better future without dependency or addiction. Many clients start off on the wrong foot, but through the help of the methadone clinic, many patients continue to live their lives to the fullest. Methadone management has helped many clients discover their purpose in society and to function adequately.
At the beginning of the rotation, I saw nurses give patients their methadone(liquid form), and perform tests like UA and a breathalyzer for specific patients. Patient by patient
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Usually pregnant clients are referred by hospitals who understand that help is needed not only for the baby but also the mom. While pregnant , the methadone maintenance treatment helps by controlling the withdrawal symptoms, especially during the first stages of pregnancy. Treatment works better, or obtains good results, if the addiction or dependence is discover early. Also during pregnancy, baby gets about 90% of the dose and 10 % is left for mom, therefore, sometimes the methadone clinic,along with a nurse,counselor, and doctor would increase the dose so mom does not suffer the withdrawal symptoms. After baby is born, the baby is placed in the NICU for evaluation. At the same time, or even before putting the baby in the NICU, they do a Glascow scale assessment. If the baby has symptoms of withdrawal they would give the baby morphine and titrate until good results develop and baby is in the safe zone. During PP and taking care of infant, methadone should be administered with caution because mom will start to get full dosage(100%) as compared to 10 % during pregnancy. A Nurse,along with CPS will come and visit the mom and baby, assessing the community resources and development of the
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