Message Sent To Children About Gender Identity

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When discussing the meaning of gender identity, each and every person has a different view and perception. Most times, these views are instilled upon them throughout their childhood whether they are fully aware of it or not. As a result, some children feel forced to conform to the stereotypical gender roles and identities defined by society. For me, however, that was never a problem.

The many experiences I faced throughout my childhood played a significant and defining role in the shaping of my gender identity. As a young child my favorite toys were dolls and stuffed animals, and quite often my parents found me setting up tea parties or playing house. While my parents did provide me with cars and other gender neutral toys, I was always drawn towards dolls and other stereotypic girl toys. I was the first and only child for seven years, so I never had anything else with which to compare. Perhaps if I grew up surrounded by the toys and hand-me-downs from an older brother my perception towards liking dolls and the color purple might have been different.

When I was younger on...

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