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Mesoenvironment or competitive environment basically decides the competitive situation of the industry of which your organization forms part of. This includes all the organizations involved from production to consumption. All these organizations form part of supply chain management, which include original producers, intermediaries, semi-manufactured products makers or spares producers, producers of end products, distribution channels, transporters, warehouses, cold storages, and consumers. If any of these organizations fail to do their part it will weaken the entire supply chain management. However Mesoenvironment can be best understood through “Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis”. This consists of:
1. Threat of New Entrants:
The new entrants are particularly important in the context of economies of scale, government policy, capital requirements, and proprietary products/services/technologies.

2. Substitutes:
Substitutes may eliminate the need for the previous product. Substitutes present a threat if switching costs are minimum and there is a high tendency to substitute. There is also a danger of generic substitution. These are substitutes that are a total other product but still influence consumers to use it instead your product.

3. Buyers:
When buyers are powerful, they have a bargaining power over the suppliers and decide as to what price can be charged. Marketers get into backward integration to bring in economy of operation. Buying in bulk definitely gives the buyer better bargaining power.

4. Suppliers:
The number of suppliers shall determine whether the industry shall have competitive position in buying. If suppliers are being threatened they may get in to forward integration. Due to high switching ...

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