Mental Illness Stigma And Social Exclusion Analysis

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Stigma is negative and unfair beliefs that are imposed on a group of people, which causes rejection, isolation, and fear (Abdullah & Brown, 2011, p. 936). People with mental illness have been stigmatized against for centuries and remains to be today despite of new awareness and knowledge around the topic (Arboleda-Flórez, 2003, p.645). Furthermore, individuals with mental illness face challenges avoiding stigma due to their debilitating condition (Arboleda-Flórez, 2003, p. 645). Stigma and mental health Various cultures have different perceptions and stereotypes associated with mental illness (Abdullah & Brown, 2011, p.935). Individuals with mental illness can be viewed as people who are feared, who do not contribute, or who are a burden …show more content…

224). Through interaction with my patients, it emerged that the superstitions and negative labels attached to mental illness contribute significantly to the social exclusion of persons with these disorders. It therefore became evident that people living with mental illness not only have to live with a chronic and often incapacitating disorder, but also the additional burden of dealing with damaging social attitudes and social exclusion. Consequently, I believe social exclusion results in the inability and difficulty in participating meaningfully in activities in society that will earn or ensure them a good quality of life. Although at times the nurses on the unit were quick to judge the lifestyles of the patients, perhaps they did not think about how society has imposed such hardship for these individuals to seek help and maintain self-empowerment in the …show more content…

However, once I recognized that I was placing stigma on my patients, I was able to vanquish the negativity with research, reflection, and communication. Since writing this paper, I now realize how great the negative implications of stigma and marginalization can be in affecting my attitude and approach to providing effective patient care. This acquired new knowledge and understanding will be invaluable as I continue my education and further develop my competencies in my nursing

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