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The Biggest Mental Hospital in the USA is Jail
The United State has the highest incarceration in the world. This is one of the major problem in our county. What could be the biggest reasons for this cause? In the United State’s there in no mental hospitals or enough treatments for people that are mentally disordered. The biggest mental hospital in the United State is jail. More than half of those prisoners are suffered from psychological disorders. In this kind of situation we can't call them a criminals. They are patients they should be sent to hospitals so they can get their treatments, not a jail. Many people in this county with mental illness they go to jail because, they committed a crime. They should get their treatment on time to not to cause any trouble.
The statistics says that In 1955, approximately 560,000 Americans were receiving treatment for mental illness in state hospitals. Today, fewer than 55,000 people are being treated in state mental institutions. This process called deinstitualization, which was a failure. Especially, in jails because of the crowded state and local jails, and left untreated patients to fend for themselves on city streets. As a result, when they are not get their treatments, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the biggest mental hospital in the united states is jail. more than half of those prisoners are suffering from psychological disorders.
  • Explains that in 1955, 560,000 americans were receiving treatment for mental illness in state hospitals, but today, fewer than 55,000 people are being treated at state mental institutions.
  • Explains that recidivism is a jail-based problem wherein someone commits crimes with mental illness and gets treatment for 6 weeks, but once they are out of jail, they want to get their treatments.
  • Explains that the us gets weaker because of the mass incarceration rate. government spends $60,000 for each presenter.
  • Concludes that people with mental disorder should take their treatment on time so they won't commit any crime. government instead of spending so much money on each prisoner should make community services.

Government spends $60,000 for each presenters. If we think about how much money each person gets. Most of the prisoners are suffered from the psychological disorders. According to The Collateral Damage of Mass Incarceration it says “These results suggest a potential broadening of the public health impact of mass incarceration and point to several promising avenues for future inquiry into various forms of collateral damage related to mass incarceration in the United States” (The Collateral Damage of Mass Incarceration). As a result, public health impacts the mass incarceration rate in the Unite State. Government should give money for Community

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