Medical Nutrition Therapy And Physical Activity

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Literature review In the past decades, people have been aware of diabetes although not to such extent being experienced today. These conditions have become more relevant due to lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits that leads to fluctuations in insulin levels. Recent research on this topic shows that all patients with diabetes could benefit from the same therapeutic treatments such as medical nutrition therapy and physical activity. For all types of diabetes, the first goal of MNT is to assist attain and maintain metabolic normality, this not only include blood glucose, but also lipid and lipoprotein levels.6-14 Even though, there is no known cure for diabetes type 1, the recommendations to get rid of their symptoms do not vary significantly, besides the use of medication. In fact, there are multiple studies that have found that nutritional therapy is an integral component for the treatment of diabetes by normalizing glucose levels, helping maintain weight, and avoiding complications such as other related health concerns.13-16 Recent research, especially on randomized clinical therapy shows that observing a good nutrition really works well in prevention than in the treatment of diabetes. In a study by Rossi and colleagues, 130 patients were randomized to compare a Diabetes Interactive Diary (DID) with standard carbohydrate counting in terms of metabolic and weight control. Of the 130 patients, 11 dropped out. However, they discover that DID is at least as effective as traditional carbohydrate counting education, allowing dietary freedom for a larger proportion of type 1 diabetic patients making it safe, requiring less time for education, and is associated with lower weight gain.14 Other studies have also demonstra... ... middle of paper ... ...Medical nutrition therapy is essential for the treatment of diabetes; however, monitoring of a dietitian is empirical. As we could see, there is overwhelming evidence that shows that diabetes can be preventable, managed and sometimes reversed through activity and diet changes. Current research results, show significant results in the prevention and treatment when is maintain on a regular basis for all types of diabetes. Since complementary alternative medicine consumption is on the rise, it is desirable to improve our knowledge concerning their potential effects and adverse effects, especially in conjunction with prescription medication. Given the complexity of pharmaceutics in patients with chronic diseases, among them patients with Diabetes Mellitus, the use of supplementary medicine cannot be ignored if it can be prevented and treated with simple food and exercise.

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