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Are students affected by social media? “Social media: form of electronic communication (such as web sites) through which people create an online communication to share information, ideas, personal message” (Merriam- Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary, 2016). Social media affects students more and more everyday. While some students are taking notes by hand, others with higher technology devises are getting distracted by social media. While some students are taking care of their homework, others prefer to make new friends through social media. While some teenagers are asking their parents about a personal matter, others prefers to research on the Internet to find answers their questions. Everything is changing because of technology and social media. The excessive use of social media is causing problems for students. In the first place, the relationship between students and their parents is the most common problem in society. Adding social media problems with parenting problems, there is no way for either side (child and parents) to communicate with one another. I was present during one common situation where a mother told her daughter to come outside and say hello…show more content…
“Social media fatigue is rooted in the idea that too much information stemming from social media can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed” (Bright, 2015, p. 151). The excessive use of social media has generated mental disorders such as Anxiety. Children think that fast communication and fast answers are always available through the Internet. The anxiety to have answers about anything and everything, students believe that the Internet can resolve everything. Interpersonal relationships are being harmed by the social media. A lot of the students prefer a machine with answers rather than a parent with a real life answers. Some students stay away from reality because of the excessive use of social
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