Media Influence on American Youth

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Media Influence on American Youth
The United States of America has endured many massacres throughout the countries existents leaving scars in Americans hearts that will never cease to exist. One of these scars was left on Americans during a massacre in Littleton, Colorado leaving fifteen people dead including two shooters and twenty one injured. Many Americans wonder who and why anyone would do such massacres, especially on their own country. Although social media, video games, and television can be used for education and positive influence; it is often blamed for such acts of violence including the shooting at Columbine. The issue concerning social media in American and its effect on their youth are likely to be debated, but there is more than enough evidence to determine that media in American should be monitored and controlled with tighter security to ensure the safety of America’s future as a nation.
Ranging from using television as a educational resource to the development of motor skills with video games, many experts believe that social media is an effective way of mentoring the up-bringing of a child. Television, which in today’s time televises educational shows for children of all ages, can be a beneficial factor towards beginning a child’s education. James P. Steyer and Chelsea Clinton, the authors of “The Other Parent: The Inside Story of the Media’s Effect on Our Children” write “I set out to build a new kids' educational media company -- JP Kids -- that would create high-quality content for kids on TV, the Internet, publishing, and related platforms” (pg. 5). The educational media company JP Kids is one of the few educational media companies still existent today and provides education for thousands of viewers dail...

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...the exposure of media at home is also another common ground factor needed to establish a working solution. Jami VanCamp, the author of a review journal on “The Other Parent, The Inside Story of The Media’s Effect on Our Children” writes “Revealing that an astounding 66% of our children actually have televisions in their bedrooms, Steyer examines hour our society has allowed the media to saturate our children’s live” (pg 1) Monitoring the use of these 66% or even lowering the percentage is a possible solution towards monitoring and controlling media in children’s lives. The success of coming to a solution towards the problems, concerns, and issued faces when surrounding children in an ever changing world surrounded by media of different types and kinds is essential to the success of countries around the globe as well as the prevention and saving of lives throughout.

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